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  • AAR F Type of E+ Coupler
AAR F Type of E+ Coupler

AAR F Type of E+ Coupler



All Type E/F couplers are equipped with type E coupler basic desgin E head and one of the basic desgins of the type F coupler shanks and but ends 


To meet varied serivce equipment aarrangement needs ,type E/F couplers may be equipped with variant compatible shank designs and special features or fittings .

l  E/F type coupler: The E/F design coupler uses an E type head with

a vertical pin connection. It is typically used on flat cars with end

of car cushioning units


Type : E68CEE69BEEF202WEEF203WEEF305WE


Widely used vehicle : Flat Car

Component part:  E50BE,E42AE/E42BE ,E40AE,E24B,E25B ,E2A

,E2, E6A, E30A,C10.

AAR coupler specification :

Ø  M-118 Knuckle Pins & Shank Connecting Pins

Ø  M-201 General for Steel Castings

Ø  S-172 Inspection & Maintenance on Cars

Ø  M-211 Purchase & Acceptance

Ø  M-212 Secondhand & Reconditioned

Ø  Rule 16 Type E Couplers & Parts

Ø  Rule 17 E/F Couplers & Parts

Ø  Rule 18 Type F Couplers & Parts

Ø  Rule 19 Yokes for Type E Couplers

Ø  Rule 20 Yokes for Type F and E/F Couplers

Ø  Rule 21 Front Follower Blocks

Ø  Rule 88 Couplers & Parts Required for Car Acceptance

Ø  Rule 90 Couplers & Parts Prohibited in Interchange

Material :  All Type E or F ,or E/F couplers are furnished with bodies, knuckles, and locks of quenched and tempered Grade E steel or Grade E plus casting steel.

Testing :

l  strength and toughness 

l  Metallography Test

l  UT: Ultrasonic test

l  MT: Magnetic test



l  VT: inspection of appearance

l  Other buyer requirement

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